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July 2024
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Dr. Maha Marji
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Procedures & Services

Face Lift

Rejuvenate your look
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Tattoo Removal

Get rid of your old tattoos
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Body Sculpting

Refine your body's appearance
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Skin Boosters

Restore your skin's glow
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Dr. Maha Marji
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Healthy skin is not luxury its a necessity

We aim to replace traditional cosmetic surgery with modern treatments that will guarantee you better results than any surgery could.

You never have to risk your health for beauty anymore. In our clinic, our priority is to keep you healthy and make you glow all the same.

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Dr. Maha Marji
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Our Unique Services

Our primary goal is to help our patients gain confidence and become happier through the power of modern cosmetic technology

Dr. Maha Marji

Get an Early Diagnosis for Better Results

change your life

Treat Your Skin Condition

You can trust Dr. Maha to diagnose your condition, select the best treatment methods for your skin disease, and set out your treatment plan.

01. Personal Consultation
02. The Treatment Begins
03. Promising Results
Dr. Maha Marji
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What Our Clients Say

Dr. Maha is an exceptional dermatologist who has truly made a positive impact on my life. Her expertise and professionalism are unmatched, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the care I received. From the moment I walked into the office, I was greated with warmth and kindness by Dr. Maha and her staff. The office environment is calming and welcoming, which immediately put me at ease. During my consultation, Dr. Maha took the time to listen to my concerns and thoroughly explain the diagnosis and treatment plan. Her knowledge and experience were evident, and I felt confident in her abilities. Throughout my treatment, Dr. Maha was always available to answer any questions I had and provide guidance. Her compassion and dedication are truly commendable. Thanks to Dr.Maha expertise, my skin condition has improved significantly, and I am incredibly grateful for her care. I would highly recommend Dr.Maha to anyone in need of a skilled and compassionate dermatologist.



“I went to this clinic for a dermatology appointment, just to diagnose something, and chose it from my insurance-approved list, and I got way more than I expected; a highly professional, experienced, and capable doctor. This is my first time not dreading a doctor’s appointment.”


Local Guide

“دكتورة اروع من رائعة. انا مو مراجعة عندها على الرغم من هاد كانت تجاوب كل استفساراتي مباشر. شكرا كتير دكتورة على انسانيتك”

Ameena AbuAsal-Bhana

“A very smart superb beautiful doctor.. highly recommended”

Diala M Alshiyab


The sweetest doctor. Cares about her patients and knows what she’s doing. Love all her work. Anytime my skin is feeling dull and tired, she knows how to bring back my glow. Most importantly, the prices of her procedures are reasonable.

Duha Abu

Dr. Maha Marji is an excellent doctor. Very educated, down to earth and passionate about her work.
She gives you her full attention and care, she’s attentive to any concerns you may voice, and ultimately makes you feel comfortable and reassured.

Nadia Baqleh

An exceptional, caring and thorough dermatologist!
She shares information in details with her patients and answers all questions with passion which makes the experience very pleasant for the patient whether its a medical issue or for beautifying reasons.
Highly recommend her for all age groups !
My dad loves her, myself and so do my kids.
Highly recommend her!!

Nour Itum

دكتورة مها رائعة بكل معنى الكلمة ، مركز مرتب ونظيف ودكتورة فخمة وخدمة ممتازة

rana az

“Highly recommended… Beautiful inside out. Scientific and a great dermatologist”

Reem Al-qudah

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Dr. Maha Marji
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