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How Much Cream Should You Apply?

A lot of people use skincare products for years but do not get the desired results no matter how many times they change the brand of the product. The reason behind the inefficiency of the product might be the fact that the person is not applying the proper amount of product to their skin. Using the proper amount of a skincare product is just as important as using the right product itself.


Studies show that almost 95% of people do not use enough products when using topical creams. This is why the products might not be working for you too. However, there are certain guidelines that we will help you through in this article so that you can get the best results out of your skincare products.

Topical skincare product amounts can be measured using fingertip units (FTUs), grams, ounces, or teaspoon measurements. In this article, we will further explain how much skincare product to use on the face using fingertip units (FTUs).

It is essential to understand that the measurements that will be described throughout this article are used to determine how many topical creams to us, such as sunscreen, anti-aging products, steroid cream, moisturizer, antioxidant cream, melasma or rosacea medication, and other facial skin care creams that you apply on the face. However, this does not include the amount of retinoid or acne cream you should apply. In order to know how much of these products to use, you need to consult your doctor because the amount applied to these products differs by your skin type and what stage in your treatment plan you are.

What Is a Fingertip Unit (FTU)?

A fingertip is a measurement unit that can be known using a tube with a standard-sized 5-millimeter nozzle and an adult’s hand. To determine how much product to use, you need to squeeze the product out of the tube so that it covers the area between the first crease or joint on your index finger and your fingertip.

How Much Skincare Product Should I Apply to My Face?

To achieve healthier skin, you need to apply the proper amount of skincare to your face. See the measurements suggested here and compare them with the ones you’re using now. If you’re not using your products at this rate, then you might be using less than you should be.

When you’re applying cream to your face, you need to use 1.0 FTUs, which equals 1.2 grams, to cover the entire face. If you want to cover the front of your neck and décolleté, you will need another 1 FTU, which equals 1.2 grams. As for the back of your neck, you need to apply another ½ FTU, which equals 0.6 grams, to cover it entirely.

How Long Should Facial Skincare Products Last?

If you are using your skincare products correctly, you should notice that they run out within the same time period every time. For 30 days, you need to be applying the cream on your face at least once per day; this way, you would need 1.2 ounces of cream per month.

This means that a 1-ounce tube of your face cream should last at least once a month. However, if you apply your face cream twice per day, you would need around 2.4 ounces in a month, so for 30 days, you would need 75 grams of face cream.

Following up with these numbers and measurements can help you determine whether or not you’re using enough skincare product amount on your face. It is recommended that patients renew their facial skincare products monthly as needed.

How Much Sunblock Should I Use on My Face?

The amount of sunscreen you should use depends on the form of sunscreen that you have, a gel, lotion, spray, or cream. This section will help you know the best amount of cream sunblock to use. You need to apply 2mg of SPF per every 2 square centimeters of your face, or 2.5 fingertip units. If you apply less, then the SPF will be less than that listed on the label.

If your tube of sunblock is around 30 grams, you need one tube every 25 days if you apply sunblock once per day on your face. However, if you’re spending time outdoors, remember that you need to reapply sunblock every 2 hours. If you’re going swimming, you will need to apply more often and frequently, especially if your sunblock is not water-resistant.


Make sure that you are using the proper amount of facial skincare creams on your face. If you are not using enough products, you might not be getting the maximum benefit. Try to follow the measurements mentioned above, and hopefully, you’ll start noticing the difference that your skincare product is making.